Vaive and Associates unveils new office space designed for greater productivity

Vaive and Associates went through major office renovations, giving the space more natural light, more opportunities for colleagues to work collaboratively and ways to improve the firm’s environmental footprint.

“We are a modern, tech-savvy accounting firm and we wanted a design that matches our brand,” says J. Rolland Vaive, founder of Vaive and Associates. “We understand how important space is in our work and as a recruiting tool. We want our space to be friendly, collaborative and bright.”

The new office features open ceilings, glass doors and wood tables. Conference rooms equipped with large screens help teams to collaborate and hold professional development sessions.

Office manager Justine Beneteau is receiving the benefits of professional development. Inspired by her work with her colleagues, which included meeting with clients and learning about bookkeeping, Beneteau will begin her CPA studies this year.

“The firm cares about our professional growth,” says Beneteau. “They give us every opportunity to advance our careers and work in a great environment. I love the open-concept office and it really makes it easy to see who is available for help.”

The office has also gone paperless – each new workstation is equipped with a personal scanner and two monitors so that employees are able to scan in new documents and manage them electronically.

“We have no file room because every file is digital,” says Vaive. “We want everyone to have the tools they need to succeed.”

One of the key spaces in the office is the kitchen, which features free coffee and kombucha. “We wanted a bright and lively kitchen as a way to entice people away from eating at their desk,” says Vaive. “This space is completely separated from the workspace so that people can have a place to go where they can chat with their colleagues and recharge.”

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