Lucie Berube


Lucie started her career in public accounting in 1999 when she joined Moffatt LeBel Chartered Accountants LLP, and has been a senior staff member with Vaive and Associates Professional Corporation since the firm merged in 2017.

Lucie joined the work force more than 35 years ago in the private field working in both non-profit and profit oriented industries. In the non-profit sector she worked for an Association and in profit oriented industries she has worked with consulting firms, the auto industry, and the sales industry.

Having the natural ability to organize, analyze, and reconcile accounts it was easy for her to fully integrate into a company’s finance department. She has stepped in on new startups, as a replacement for employees on leave, and also in lending a hand to overcome staff shortages.

She began working toward her accounting designation while holding down a full time position, and obtained her CGA designation in 2002 followed by her CPA designation in 2014 when the provincial accounting bodies merged.

Lucie is dedicated to providing a service tailored to her clients’ needs, be it personal tax, preparation of an estate return, or a corporation’s year end, including financial statements and corporate tax returns. Lucie uses her skills and knowledge as well as the pool of expertise in the firm to provide excellent service to all clients. Lucie’s favorite pastime is reading mysteries; she also likes to play society games with family and friends. Her dog Zoe, a chocolate lab, also keeps her busy.